Thursday, April 21, 2011

Class Easter/Spring Gifts

For my Son's class we made these:

I cut egg shapes by hand, but if you have a Egg shape on your Cricut Cartridge or you have Sure Cuts Alot program or a Silhouette you can have a more accurate cut. 

I bought a bag of mini Mike & Ike candy boxes from Big Lots.  My daughter put glue on each side of the box and slapped on the egg shape.  I printed a label with "Happy Spring" on it.

For my Daughter's Class we made these Hanging Eggs. 

I bought the Skittle eggs from Walgreens. Took the label off and took the Skittles out (temporarily). I drilled a hole in the top and the bottom of the egg and threaded a thin ribbon through the holes. I made a Loop at the top and tied it off at the bottom. I held the loop and kept the egg open and reinserted the Skittles. I made a label and taped it to the egg.

You can certainly get more creative with the decorations for both of these projects. I was on a time crunch, plus I had my daughter helping me so I couldn't get too elaborate.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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