Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Furniture Redo: Coffee Table to Bench

I Found this Hidden Gem at the Salvation Army.  I knew I could definately shrink it to bench size. It was all solid wood and made very well. 

I removed the top:

 It was supposed to have glass in it, but they couldn't find them so I got an even bigger discount (:

(I will use this frame for another project in the future, I've already primed it, you'll just have to wait to see what I do with it.)

After I took the top off, I removed all of the legs and the bottom shelf.  I was left with the apron that I needed to cut about 5 inches off the shorter sides.  It was really easy, two cuts and I was done. (I used the miter saw to keep my cuts straight).  I then reattached the legs.

Now I had to figure out the bottom shelf.  It was a frame and a rattan insert on a piece of backerboard.  I kicked out the rattan backing (well, not really kicked, but I did use my feet for to press the staples away from the frame).

 I then had to take the frame apart, but only the one side.  I had a little difficulty because, like I said, this piece was made very well and it had dowels holding the mitered corners together.  I tried to pry them apart so I could re-use the dowel method, but was unsuccessful, so I took the saw to it, using a miter box.

Now I had to measure and cut the smaller side of the bottom shelf framing using a miter box.  I picked up some dowels at Ace hardware (they sell them individually).  I drilled where the old dowels were and made new holes on the newly cut side, and inserted the dowels with some wood glue.  I straped them while the glue dried.

I reattached the shelf to the frame:

I picked up a piece of MDF and had the guy at the store cut it down for me.  I sanded, primed and painted it and then reattached it to the frame.

Here is the finished bench: (sorry for bad pictures, this area of my house doesn't have any natural light, so my camera doesn't take the best pictures here)

This was my inspiration:
Pretty close match, huh?  I think mine is actually better because of the bottom shelf. 

Ok, here is the reminder:

Before                                                 After

Yes, you can do it too!  I was a lot easier than you'd think!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Recipe: TandyKake Eggs (peanut butter/cake/chocolate)


1 C. Milk                                      pinch of Salt
2 Tbsp Butter                               4 Eggs
2 C. Sugar                                    1 tsp. Vanilla
1 tsp. Baking Powder                    Peanut Butter
2 C. Flour                                     2 Bags of Choc. Chips

Scald milk & butter, set aside. Mix dry ingredients with eggs, add vanilla & milk mixture. Beat. Pour into greased rectangular cookie sheet with sides. Bake 350 for 20 minutes.

I halved the recipe above since it's just our family of four this Easter, so I used two brownie pans

After 20 minutes, the cakes might not be brown on the top but should be a little brown around the edges.  I cut the cakes with an egg shaped cookie cutter immediately after removing from the oven and put them on a cookie sheet. I had the kids spread the peanut butter onto each egg and then we put them into the refrigerator.

SCRAPS! Mmmmmm!

After a little bit, the cake will be cool and the PB will get a bit firm.

Take your chocolate chips and either melt them in a double boiler or in the microwave oven. 
Spoon the melted chocolate onto each egg and have your kids spread it all over and down the sides.  (Notice I put the eggs onto a cooling rack to allow the chocolate to drip)

Have the kids decorate them with sprinkles while the chocolate is soft.
Put the cookie sheet back into the refrigerator for the chocolate to firm up.

Mmmmmmmm! So Good!

Store in the fridge to keep the chocolate from melting.


Table Centerpiece


I volunteer in my neighborhood garden and pruned up the rose garden and took two flowers for my centerpiece.  I wish you could smell them, they are soooo fragrant!

I wish I had time to sew up a spring table runner (:

Watch my Garden Grow

It's taken a while to get this up since my Goodwill hunting find posting (25 days to be exact).  Well I finally have some sprouts to show.  Plus I just picked up some already georgous herbs at Sunflower yesterday to fill in some space.

 The Asparugus Tea pot is my FAV! A $3 find at Goodwill too!  I am using it as my watering can

 Works perfectly!

I forgot to label my seeds so I don't even know whats in my pots!
I guess I'll recognize them when they are full grown.

I couldn't resist the "MOJITO" Mint plant,  it smells so good and made my mouth water for a Mojito!

What's in your herb garden this year?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Class Easter/Spring Gifts

For my Son's class we made these:

I cut egg shapes by hand, but if you have a Egg shape on your Cricut Cartridge or you have Sure Cuts Alot program or a Silhouette you can have a more accurate cut. 

I bought a bag of mini Mike & Ike candy boxes from Big Lots.  My daughter put glue on each side of the box and slapped on the egg shape.  I printed a label with "Happy Spring" on it.

For my Daughter's Class we made these Hanging Eggs. 

I bought the Skittle eggs from Walgreens. Took the label off and took the Skittles out (temporarily). I drilled a hole in the top and the bottom of the egg and threaded a thin ribbon through the holes. I made a Loop at the top and tied it off at the bottom. I held the loop and kept the egg open and reinserted the Skittles. I made a label and taped it to the egg.

You can certainly get more creative with the decorations for both of these projects. I was on a time crunch, plus I had my daughter helping me so I couldn't get too elaborate.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm a guest post at Pinkapotamus today


I am visiting over at Pinkapotamus today.  Amie asked if I would be a guest post while she recoups from her surgery.  I was honored to be asked and was excited to show off a spring project.  Check out my post HERE

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beautified Dollar Store Basket

Have you seen these at your Dollar Tree?  I instantly knew it had possibilities.  I needed a basket by the front door for my new puppy's leash and baggies. This color wasn't exactly what I wanted, so I experimented a little bit. 

This is my basket now!

How did I do it?

Step 1:   I took the basket and stained it with Minwax Dark Walnut.

(If you get the darker brown basket, you'll be able to skip this step...that color was gone when I went back to buy it)

The stain looked nice, but I wasn't done.

Step 2:   I took some black paint and brushed it on and then wiped it off.

Step 3:   I then took some light gray paint and watered it down. I brushed it into the crevasses and wiped it off.

Step 4:   For the liner, I honestly had dimensions and then had to adjust as I went.  So, unfortunately I don't have the exact dimensions for my finished liner. 
These were my original dimensions and all include a 1/4 inch seam allowance for either side.

Bottom rectangle (7 x 2.75 (includes 1/4 seam allowance)
Back ( 7 bottom x 8.75 top x 11 Height)
Rounded front (16 top x 11 bottom x 11 Height)

Step 5:  I sewed the Back and rounded front first and then sewed to the bottom.  Might not have been the best way, but it ended up working out just fine.

Step 6:  I cut a 4.75 slit on the back panel to fit over the handle and sewed it so it wouldn't fray.

Step 7:  I then painted a scrap wood rectangle and drilled 2 holes on either side and inserted wire to attach it to the basket (attach before putting the liner on)

My tag is blank because I can't decide if I should have it say "DOG" or have it say my pups name "CARLY".  What do you think?

Here it is hanging from my Headboard/Coat rack.

Little by little this wall is getting done (:

Thanks for stopping by!