Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our New Family Member: Carly

Carly is a Borador: 1/2 Border Collie 1/2 Laborador

A Borador is said to be a Designer Breed Mix, although it isn't recognized by the AKC.

We were lucky to stumble upon her and her brothers. She was the only White one.  If you are looking for a smart family dog, consider looking for this "breed".

Here is some more information about Boradors:

Appearance The Borador looks like a small Lab puppy with a shorter, pointier nose and shorter ears with a a white blaze on the chest and black spots.

Life Expectancy The average life expectancy of the Borador is 12 years.

Size The Borador is about 17 inches tall at the shoulders with an overall body length of around 29 inches from the tip-of-nose to the tail. They will weigh between 34 to 88 pounds when fully grown.

Characteristics The Borador has a strong herding instinct with a lot of the retriever characteristics but not the nose. They make excellent Guide Dogs.

Personality The Borador is an intelligent, sweet, happy, friendly and loyal dog that can be extremely excitable and extroverted but does not typically show aggression.

Temperament The Borador is a very friendly, inquisitive dog who is eager to please and usually described as "very happy".

Family Dog The Borador makes a great family dog. They show strong attachment to family members and accept new acquaintances easily. They typically get along great with children and other dogs in the family. Please be advised that some Boradors depending on their history may not get along with smaller dogs or pets.

Companionship The Borador makes an excellent companion dog. They are affectionate and loyal to their family and excited by strangers, but never aggressive towards them.


I think I have a VINTAGE DoG!  Look at that comparison to the RCA Victor LoGo Dog!  HaHa!


  1. She is adorable! Gus has been wanting a puppy so badly. Would you mind sending me an email with the name of the breeder that you got her from?

  2. Hi! considering getting a borador, and the puppy looks a lot like yours, with freckles:) curious to both hear what more you now know about your dog, and do you have photo of her now? Greetings from norway