Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reindeer Bag

I got this idea from Disney's Family Fun Website.  You can go HERE and see how to make it and print the template.  I din't use the template, I just winged it (: 

Christmas Placecards

This little clap came off of curtain rings.  I didn't use this part because I sewed a clip into my curtains to make the curtains butt right up to the ring.  I have about 24 of these clips and am finding more and more uses for them.  These will be on my yard sale list for sure!

I didn't need the little hook on the end so I used needle nosed pliers to straighten the hook and pull them through the clamp.

They are were a dark brown, but I wanted them to be black...

So I got out my trusty black satin spray paint and sprayed them (with my spools...kill two birds with one stone)

(nice! I got my camera strap in the picture, such the photographer I am!)

After that I sprayed 4 popsicle sticks black to match. After they were dry I used a glue dot to secure the clip to the stick.

My kids and I painted 4 mini terracotta pots, red on the bottom and white on the top.  I used painters tape so the kids would stay in the lines.

After they were dry, I put a styrofoam cube into the pot and then stuffed some shredded paper on the top and sides until the styrofoam was no longer visible.

Print out your family names onto card stock and...


They looked so cute in front of our Christmas plates for Christmas Eve dinner.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

What I want for Christmas ornament

I had these spools that I got from Tuesday Morning.  They had three packages of 10 together for $2.99!!  WOW, I know! I had to get them.  I came up with this idea to document what my kids want for Christmas every year.  I had to print out what they want because the spools are too small and my kids don't write small enough to fit in an inch space.  If you find larger spools, it would be so cute to have them write out their own (miss-spelling and all).

Have Fun!


Trash to Treasure

I found the candle stick for $1 at a yard sale. It was originally pretty 70's looking. It was made of real wood and had some interesting holes burrowed into it (worms holes maybe).  I knew it could look better with a coat of black paint.  I sprayed it with black satin spray paint.  The Glass candle holder was the glass left over from a Febreeze candle.

It fit perfectly on top of the candle stick, I couldn't have planned it better.

The 4 slot frame was $2 at a yard sale and it was originally white.  I liked the little legs and the decorative metal pieces on it.

The 4 drawer cabinet was $2 at a yard sale and it was originally white with bright blue, yellow, green, and red drawers.

The frame stand was $1 at the Dollar tree and it was originally silver. I spray painted it black.

The two 5x7 frames I found yard sale-ing were identical and only cost $0.50 each! They were originally brown wood.

Some ideas for the frames (besides pictures):

The 4 slot frame:
N-O-E-L in each slot with pretty paper behind it.  Maybe some pine sprigs at the top for some decoration.
This is on my "to do" list.

Printable subway art (Thanks, Its a Crafty Life!)

Printable Worship art HERE (Thanks, Serving Pink Lemonade!)
This is for an 11x14 frame, with an 8x10 mat or you can just use an 8x10 frame

Make a Silhouette of your kids head and frame, Tutorial HERE  (Thanks, the pampered mom!)

Button Christmas Tree (Thanks, Redheadcraftsmore!

Ornament art (Thanks, Craftily Ever After!)

Window Cling Art (Thanks, Crafily Ever After!)
I am going to be looking for these on clearance at the end of the season, my wheels are turning for the possibilites next year!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Marshmallow Snowman + Hot Chocolate Gift

I made these today as a last minute kids gift for my son's 1st grade class.  He is having his Winter celebration tomorrow, so I wanted to bring something.  This is a super simple, but a little time consuming if you are making a lot of them.

 You'll need:
pretzel bags (micheals $1.99...use coupon!)
black Sharpie marker
orange paper
 black paper
 and Christmas paper for the hot chocolate envelopes.

Put some marshmallows into the bag.  Don't try to make a funnel out of paper...it doesn't work well.  I found the best way was to just hold the bag just so and the opening of the bag will stay open to put the marshmallows in.

Cut the ties that come with the prezel bags into three small ties.  They look small but they are actually perfect

Put some more marshmallows into the bag to make the second "snowball" and tie off. 

(optional: put 3 chocolate chips for the buttons)

Do again for the head.

Now onto the hat and the nose.
Make circles with your circle cutter and put a hole in the middle with a hole punch.  Cut strips of black paper and roll each into a cylinder and glue. Take your orange paper and cut out carrot shaped noses.

Take your sharpie pen and make the "coal" eyes and mouth

(optional: try to make the eyes and mouth out of mini chocolate chips.  I don't know how easy this would be, but might be worth a try. I thought of it after I was done)

I used medium, but I recommend small zots to glue the nose on

 (I had to cut the medium zots in half)

Isn't he cute?

Now assemble the hat. Pull the celophane through the hat and add the cylinder on top (no glue needed, but you might need to fluff the celophane to keep the hat on)

Take some ribbon and cut to fit your snowman. 
 I bought my rolls at the dollar spot at Target and each roll had enough for 3 scarves.

I used a lighter to melt the ends of the ribbon so it didn't fray. 

Don't hold the flame on too long or it will light it on fire...we just want to melt the ribbon.

The gangs all here!

Take the hot chocolate packets and make a pocket out of any paper.  I used the zots again to seal it.

Put a zot on the back of the snowman and stick him to the envelope.  Here I would recommend the medium to large zots, so the snowman is secure.

That's all! 
 Embellish with a "Merry Christmas" tag or a To/From tag and you'll have a cute little gift!

I might be making these next year for the neighbors.  I will just put a string on it to hang it on their doors.


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Monday, December 20, 2010

Michael's Rewards Program + 20% off coupon

Here's some information about Michaels in case you haven't gone to the store in a while. Michaels now has a rewards card that certainly has benefits to it. Pick one up at the register in the store and then register it online HERE. You'll receive daily emails with daily deals for the store.

For example, today the daily deal is a huge box of scrap paper for $5.99.

Yesterday I got an email for 20% off my total purchase (regular and sale items) that is good for today through Dec, 24th. I thought that this was only for rewards members but I see all over the blogosphere that there is now a link for everyone, so go HERE to print your.

There is also a 50% off one regular priced item coupon that you can print HERE

While you're there don't forget to get your rewards tag for your keychain!

Have fun.

Jo-Ann's Coupons

Go HERE to print 40% and 50% off one regular priced item or regular priced cut of fabric.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spice Jars on the Cheap!

Look at what I found at the 99c store!  I was so excited, because I have been looking into little glass jars for my spices since my spice cabinet is spilling over.  I figured I was going to have to spend about $1 per jar, so I was jumping up and down (in my head) when I saw this three pack of GLASS jars that are the perfect size for spices.

I took my scalloped hole punch and printed out all of the spices I was going to put into the jars and cut them into little discs.  I put a glue dot on the back and put them on the jars.

I have two of these window ledges in my kitchen, so I bought 4 boxes to put 6 jars on each ledge.  All of my everyday spices are within reach and my spice cabinet is now organized with not used so often spices.


These jars would also be great as quick gifts, just fill with some great treats; chocolates, candies, or whatever you find on sale or make yourself and cut little square clothes to put on top and tie with a ribbon.


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Monday, December 13, 2010

Yard Sale-ing Finds

My daughter was willing to head out yard sale-ing with me on Friday morning. Regionally, Fridays are a great day to hit the yard sales.  We got:

My little pony board game, brand new missing ponies for $1 (no need for the ponies anyway, we have tons)

Pokemon figures, only got one at $0.50 (Went back on Sunday with my son and he picked out 8 more and we hagled the lady down to his $2 allowance)

Nintendo carrier with pokemon characters sewn into it $2 (my son is in love with it and is carrying his cards and characters in it)

Wooden candle holder $1 (will paint black)

Large wooden frame $2

2- Small wooden 5x7 frames $1

1- 4 slot Vertical frame display $2

All in all, a good day. I can't wait to make some trash to treasures with the frames and candle holder. Obviously those will be documented here, so stay tuned.

Repurpose: Paper Towel Holder

I give you an ordinary Paper Towel Holder.  I had this one on hand, but I went yard sale-ing this weekend and 2 people had these for sale for under $1.  So a very affordable upcycling project. 

Are you needing a place to organize your cookie cutters? Are they overflowing in a kitchen drawer, so much so you cannot even close it? Well here is a great idea for you:

How easy is that?  Now to make it pretty you can sand it down (if you find a wooden one) and paint it to match your kitchen.  This one is actually sanded and ready for a coat of black paint, I was just too excited to wait and show you.

I got this idea from Better Homes and Gardens: 100 Decorating ideas under $100 - Fall 2008 (I picked it up at Bookmans resale Bookstore.  It was priced $1.50 but since I resold some books, it was FREE)