Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kids Craft: Yarn Hearts

I got this idea from Family Fun Magazine (Feb.2011 page 24)

You'll need:
A heart cookie cutter
Yarn cut into 6-8 inch strips
Mixture of flour and water in a bowl

(Family Fun used a different glue concoction using 1/4 C. cornstarch and 1/2 C. water in a saucepan until smooth and then thick and translucent. Use after cooled)

 Put wet yarn into a cookie cutter (I only had a small heart)

 Press yarn down

And press down some more
 (I couldn't pick which picture of my daughters pudgy fingers to use, so I used them both)

And then....

My daughter LOVED this craft.  She made 4 hearts.

We left them outside to dry and over two days they were dry (they were thick and saturated)

I'm not sure where to put them yet, for now I put them on our wreath

Two discoveries:

1) If you do the flour/water mixture, the fluffy yarn holds together better.
If you only have regular yarn, give the cornstarch mixture a try.

2) A larger cookie cutter will allow you to make thinner hearts that will dry faster.

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  1. Isn't Family Fun Magazine the best?!? I love those pudgey little fingers!