Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Financial Peace

(This the exact system we are using.  Cost: $169.99 sale)

Let me start by saying that our family is a one income family where my husband is the bread winner. We do ok and even have savings and only car and house debt.  However, we always felt like we should be saving more and should have more "in case of an emergency" money.

My husbands company has decided to pay for their employees to go through Dave Ramsey's financial peace University program.  They feel that having their employees debt free and secure with their finances that they will become more productive because they wouldn't be thinking or stressing about home finances. They would also more than likely stay in their jobs and turn over would decrease...pretty innovative, don't you think?

As a family, we have been using an envelope method of sorts.  My husband and I got an allowance that I would separate into "groceries", "gas", "kids", and "Janelle" envelopes.  Once the cash was gone for the week, it was gone.  So, the program isn't far off from what we are doing already, but I have already learned so much and we are only on lesson 3. 

One thing that I "learned" or realized was that we weren't putting money away each month for those things that we KNOW are going to happen.  Like, Christmas, doctor's visits & medications, household repairs, etc.  We would always just pull money from other areas and suffer for a little while.  I think about the future when I can sit back and relax when the washer breaks because I have been putting away $30 a month to replace it when it breaks down in 2 years.

This program is so interesting to me and my husband that all other projects are being put on hold while we complete it.  In actuality, my spending money is being put on hold until we get a grasp on our budget.  But, I do have lots of wood & paint on hand so you might see a project here and there that cost nothing for me.  I have already started the kitchen window framing project, so that might get partially completed (:

So, that's what I've been up to for a couple weeks now (besides doing mom stuff with my kids).  I highly suggest this program to anyone and everyone, even if you feel pretty stable in your financial life.  You will be surprised what you'll learn.

(The comments about this program are completely mine and I have not received any compensation for the review of this program)


  1. My husband and I recently started FPU - wish we had found it sooner!

  2. As a family, we have been using an envelope method of sorts. My husband and I got an allowance that I would separate into "groceries", "gas", "kids", and "Janelle" envelopes. Sports Good