Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kitchen Windows get framed!

Wow! I guess the fact that I said I can't do projects that cost money got me motivated to finish the framing in the kitchen since I already had the wood. 

I'm not going to give you a detailed tutorial on doing this, since everyone's windows will be different. 

But, what I will tell you is that I made the ledge first, then made the top and then the sides.  I did it like this to make sure the measurements were accurate.  All three windows were not exactly the same (of course). 

I also have to work around the rounded edges of the window.  That's why you'll see so much gapping.  This doesn't matter since it will be covered by the molding (when I am able to purchase some).

The framing is actually not nailed in yet, I still need to pick up some shims to level the ledges and square it all up.  I highly suggest not skipping this part, it will affect the square of your molding.

Obviously there is more to the project, but let me tell you, I feel such a sense of accomplishment since this project has been on my mind for about a year now (ok, maybe for 5 years, but I never thought I could do it until about a year ago)  Now, I at least know that it will get completed...eventually (:

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