Friday, June 17, 2011

Back From Vacation!

Sorry, I went away without letting you know, but I am a bit skiddish of stating into cyberspace that I am not home.  I feel like I am shouting..."Hey Burgalars come and steal my stuff"!  So anyway, we just got back from New York...Buffalo to be exact.  My husbands family lives there and we were visiting them as well as seeing the area.

We went to Niagra Falls:

Notice the dreary sky ):

I highly suggest doing the Maid of the Mist while there, it was super soaking, my kids loved it!

Then to The Marina's Naval Park:

We went inside and toured all of the mechanics of this World War II battle ship.
We also went inside a submarine.

We had to hit the Buffalo Science Museum as well:

These three pictures were taken by my daughter in the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit, she's becoming quite the photographer.

They had these great interactive areas where the kids could build and learn.  We all had a great time making different structures.

This was a cute grasshopper made out of CARDBOARD! I took pictures of it from all angles...maybe one day I will copy it for my kids school library (:

Besides visiting family, that was our visit.  Hope you felt like you visited too! 

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