Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Placecards

This little clap came off of curtain rings.  I didn't use this part because I sewed a clip into my curtains to make the curtains butt right up to the ring.  I have about 24 of these clips and am finding more and more uses for them.  These will be on my yard sale list for sure!

I didn't need the little hook on the end so I used needle nosed pliers to straighten the hook and pull them through the clamp.

They are were a dark brown, but I wanted them to be black...

So I got out my trusty black satin spray paint and sprayed them (with my spools...kill two birds with one stone)

(nice! I got my camera strap in the picture, such the photographer I am!)

After that I sprayed 4 popsicle sticks black to match. After they were dry I used a glue dot to secure the clip to the stick.

My kids and I painted 4 mini terracotta pots, red on the bottom and white on the top.  I used painters tape so the kids would stay in the lines.

After they were dry, I put a styrofoam cube into the pot and then stuffed some shredded paper on the top and sides until the styrofoam was no longer visible.

Print out your family names onto card stock and...


They looked so cute in front of our Christmas plates for Christmas Eve dinner.


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