Monday, December 13, 2010

Repurpose: Paper Towel Holder

I give you an ordinary Paper Towel Holder.  I had this one on hand, but I went yard sale-ing this weekend and 2 people had these for sale for under $1.  So a very affordable upcycling project. 

Are you needing a place to organize your cookie cutters? Are they overflowing in a kitchen drawer, so much so you cannot even close it? Well here is a great idea for you:

How easy is that?  Now to make it pretty you can sand it down (if you find a wooden one) and paint it to match your kitchen.  This one is actually sanded and ready for a coat of black paint, I was just too excited to wait and show you.

I got this idea from Better Homes and Gardens: 100 Decorating ideas under $100 - Fall 2008 (I picked it up at Bookmans resale Bookstore.  It was priced $1.50 but since I resold some books, it was FREE)

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